Waterfall Country Estate and Waterfall Country Village are located on the embankment of the Jukskei River, Johannesburg, a high secure estate with beautifully crafted homes that embed a strong awareness of ‘green’ living, both architecturally and in terms of the landscaped park that surrounds them.

Residents have the added benefit of an internationally recognised private school, Reddam House, right on their doorstep and children can traverse between their homes and their school without ever leaving the secure perimeter of the Estates.

Another attraction is the current 17km’s of walking/jogging trails and mountain bike tracks that ribbon through the Estates’ 600 acres of indigenous green belt – complete with bird hides, park benches and drinking fountains along the way – to allow you to truly take advantage of what this Estate has to offer.

It’s no secret that the Highveld climate is one of the best in the world, and the intention here is to facilitate outdoor living. The outcome is a superb quality of life, that takes away concerns for safety and instead replaces it with a sense of well-being within naturally beautiful landscaped surroundings – all within the heart of Johannesburg.

Residents also benefit from a variety of facilities, including three secure gatehouses – the central nuclei of the multi-layered security systems that will be sentry to all within the Estate. This impressive structure with its unique shape and monumental scale is set to become an architectural landmark.

Meanwhile, the location of essential facilities within the Estate, such as private, international pre-primary, primary and high schools and shopping centres, ensure added convenience for residents and their guests.

There is also an exclusive, five-star, international hotel offering over 200 luxury suites and conferencing facilities at the entrance to the development.

Security is managed to the highest standards by highly trained manpower. State-of-the-art security systems are effectively and aesthetically integrated into the resident’s lifestyle so as to be non-intrusive, yet highly visible to the outside world. The perimeter is secured by a four-metre high, reinforced concrete wall, topped with an electric fence, monitored by mounted CCTV cameras, well lit and patrolled by on-site security personnel.

In addition to numerous outdoor sporting facilities, such as the walking and biking trails, the country clubhouse, available to all residents, includes a comprehensive fitness centre where tennis, volleyball, squash, swimming, aerobics and Pilates can be enjoyed. The gym is open daily from 05h00 – 22h00 and offers an exciting range of free classes to all residents.

Finally, in keeping with the Estate’s emphasis on environmentally-friendly living and awareness, a number of viewing decks have been incorporated into facilities and great care has been taken to ensure that the landscaping on the Estate is completely indigenous. Residents also have easy access to recycling facilities and are encouraged to make use of these and adopt green living practices in their homes.


Location Map

Indicative Price List

Prices have been calculated as indicative, relative to the exchange rate prevailing during October 2020. Final price is determined at the time of contract with consideration given to the spot exchange rate at the time.

Notwithstanding land size of each plot of vacant land, prices will vary depending on the relative location within an estate. Factors affecting this cost include:

  • Relative location to green belts;
  • Whether the land is a re-sale from a previous 3rd party owner or whether the land is a sale directly from the developer;
  • Waterlogged and rocky surfaces tend to make a vacant land cheaper as these will most likely increase the cost of building on the plot;
  • Current status of the rates, taxes and levies balance on the plot.

As part of our overall service, we research all the risk factors outlined above to ensure that we cover our clients’ exposure to such risks, which unfortunately, are not always highlighted by Estate Agents when land is sold.

1000sqm Stand
$ 149 000
1500sqm Stand
$ 254 000
2000sqm Stand
$ 297 000