Property Purchases

Tayari Africa assists you to purchase your dream property in South Africa be it an already existing house or land on which you want to build on. Our services also include all the steps in property registrations and transfers together with architectural and construction services if you need your home to be built.


Tayari Africa has a team of highly qualified investment portfolio managers. We are able to invest your money in shares, stocks and bonds using different financial instruments across different markets in the world.

Property Management

If you have purchased a property in South Africa for investment purposes, Tayari Africa manages your property on your behalf so that you have nothing to worry about from tenant screening to maintenance and upkeep of your property.

Immigration Services

Foreigners who are contemplating investing in the South African economy by establishing a business or by investing in an existing business in the country must apply for a business permit. As an applicant, you will be required to invest a prescribed financial capital contribution. One my also apply for permanent residency in South Africa under the Financially Independent category. Tayari Africa assists with the entire process.

Medical Aid

Once one has their South African business visa or permanent residency they can get premium medical aid in the country and have access to high end doctors, specialists and medical facilities. Tayari Africa will get you the best medical aid packages for yourself and your family.


South Africa is home to some of the best private schools and universities in the world. If you are moving to South Africa with your family, Tayari Africa is able to assist you in finding the best schools for the your children based on where you will be living.

Luxury Vehicles

Tayari Africa assists you in the purchase or rental of premium luxury vehicles for the duration of your stay in South Africa. We also offer personalised chauffer services if you do not want to drive yourself in South Africa.

Luxury Brands

If you are need premium luxury brands whilst in South Africa such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Hermès, and Prada, Tayari Africa is able to assist you with personalised shopping to meet your requirements. Even if you are not in the country and need luxury brands, we will purchase them and have them couriered to you anywhere in the world.

Event Planning

Be it a birthday party, anniversary, wedding or corporate event, Tayari Africa is able to plan, coordinate and manage your opulent event for you in South Africa. Our team of highly skilled event planners have over 30 years of experience in high end premium event management.